Embracing the imperfections - Epoxy Art

Bijgewerkt: 30 sep 2020

This is a story that resonated with me while I was working on one of my Epoxy artworks. In short, I did not like the painting but I loved it at the same time. How can you dislike something and still love it at the same time? I just noticed that I embraced the imperfections.

Why is it so important, to start to embrace the things in life that you don't like. When googling on embracing imperfections, I came across those flashy titles '6 Reasons why you should embrace imperfections', '4 Reasons accepting your flaws will make you a better leader', or ´Why we should embrace imperfections´. The bottom line is that there is beauty in embracing imperfections.

Most of the time we want to be continually and constantly our best self. The best in what we posses, what we achieve or in how we come across. In the modern society you see the strive for perfection as well. You can see it in the flawless commercials and the perfectly selected food in the supermarket. We are inclined to strive for perfection.

One of the reasons is because imperfection feels vulnerable. It is hard to acknowledge and to accept imperfection. We know it all, when we have failed or something went wrong we can feel all different kind of emotions that we don't like to feel. Some emotions we are more inclined to pass by, because we don't know sometimes what to do with it.

The beauty of starting to embrace your flaws or imperfections is that you will have more grace for yourself. Feeling more free and getting connected more and more who you really are. As a result you will find out that you start to have more compassion to those around you. Starting to love the imperfections from yourself and those around you.

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