First Art Exposition

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This June I had the privilege to display my artwork at the KunstlerNacht in Darmstadt, Germany. It was for me a true blessing. I just loved every bit of it.

Meeting artists, getting inspired by others, hearing and seeing new things, talking to visitors. It was just amazing.

During the exposition I thought to myself how would life look like without arts? I couldn't really imagine a life without arts. Can you?

Can you for example imagine how day to day life would look like without arts? Imagine how houses would look like if there were not great architects! Or imagine how a party would sound like without music. Or imagine that there wouldn't be any form of decoration. How does the world look, sound, smell , taste or feel like if there would not be any form of art?

How would the world look like without our cultural heritage? No Bach, Beethoven, Michael Angelo, and so on. Museums would not exist, festivals would not exist because why in the world would you go to a festival without music. The world would be boring, depressing, ugly and so sad. I would be totally uninspired.

Arts bring so much life and joy in our lives. Life without arts is unthinkable because it is rooted in our day to day life. Arts bring so much unity. Through arts we unite as people together. In arts we can come together and share our passions. We share our thoughts and hearts. We get inspiration or we inspire others. Through arts you can even find healing for your soul. Just by looking to art or hearing music can give so much peace and healing to the soul.

In all, I find there is so much fruit in arts. The fruit is that people young or old, rich or poor get blessed by arts. It unites all people together and brings healing, inspiration, encouragement and so much more. Arts is priceless. And we do need arts in the good, the bad and the ugly times.

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