Unlocking potential is like being a child in a candy store

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Unlocking your potential is like being in a candy store all day long. Trying all sorts of candy and eating as many as you want. Once you try something good or nice you just can't help yourself but keep on eating.

It is the same with unlocking your potential. Whether it is in creativity or another field of life. Whenever you really grab where you are made for, you really start to thrive. Finally you see your potential growing and growing. Some people really get excited in business, some in gardening, some in law or in politics, some in arts, poetry, theater or dance. The world needs everybody! That's why there is so much choice and options out there. We are all unique and we all need each others gifting and talents.

As you can imagine when you just start unlocking your potential it is first like really being considerate in which candy you like. Do I like that taste, or that color, do I like the smell or the texture. When you discovered what you like and start eating, it is like you can not stop. You will go back to that store so often that you will be the best customer ever recorded in history! When you discovered your candy you can eat it all - day - long.

At first you get a sugar rush. Everything is so exciting, you see the bright colors and everything looks wonderful and everything tastes so good! Well, enjoy your sugar rush! Sometime after you realize that it´s quite impossible continuing with everything you like. Like me! When I really opened myself up for creativity, I didn't have enough time and enough hands to try it all! Yes, you will feel a bit miserable and belly aches from all the candy you ate.

Maybe it wasn't a good idea to eat it all in one instance.. That's the moment where you have to choose and listen to the old and the wise. Pick a few things and... focus. Yep, focus is one of the keys. Not eating all the candy you like, but picking a few at a time. You have to decide where you want to invest your time in, and which area of your life you want to cultivate.

However I do love my sugar rush days! I love to be excited about something new I tried and really let all the impossibilities go. I love to dream with the Creator and I love to put my ideas into action. And yes, I agree to focus and pick from all the candy just a few to eat. But I love to enjoy my sugar rush days! I don't mind the belly ache or the nausea afterwards. Like finding out that it wasn't the best idea or if I fail a 100 times. It's worth it, because sometimes you find your joy in the midst of it all.

I see it more and more as a combination. Finding out what your focus is and having the enjoyment of sugar rush days.

Maybe it's an artist story, but maybe it applies to you? Have you discovered your potential? How do your sugar rush days look like? How do you focus?

What is your potential?

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